We have created java based back-office systems for a variety of organisations.

They have all shared one desire:
To discover a completely new way of approaching and solving problems, other than those available as out-of-the-box solutions.

And while the solution was unique each time, the conclusion to all the projects is universal: no matter the industry, the most important aspect is to understand the dynamics of the business and to be able to translate them into technology.

They call it digital
we call it our craft.

Are you about to
start that journey?


Digital transformation raises a lot of questions.

How long will it take?

What will the final cost be?

Will it be successful?

As the name implies, there’s no single formula to create custom solutions, there’s no predefined set of answers. The key elements are understanding and communication. Only after truly getting to know the challenges of your organisation, can we set out on the path of successful development.

No two journeys are the same, but the destinations do share a similarity: to enhance business operations, to streamline communication through the right channels, or to add to the bottom line. We’ve been on over a 100 of those journeys during the last 10 years. This experience ensures we can help you on your way – on time and on budget.

Java Java Java Java

We speak

You can say “success” in different languages, but we have chosen Java.
We have grown up with this technology and have held onto it. It’s not only our personal preference.

Java in business is seen as a stable technology, that guarantees the developed product has a code base that can be extended according to both present and future requirements. Its ubiquity also allows better standardisation of code and in turn clearly defines the best practices, which we follow on every step.

Turn-key solutions

  • Back-office java systems
  • Business intelligence
  • Product development
  • DMS (Document
    Management System)
  • Business solutions
    based on Big Data


  • Java Insurance
  • Java Finance
  • Java Damage
  • Java Pharma
  • Java Hotel
    and tourism
  • Java Production and
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