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B2B is a challenge

Digital presence in the B2B sector is a must. Most key players have been establishing their online platforms.

One of the recent challenges of this transformation is that business clients expect all the B2B features in a B2C-like experience. It’s not an easy task, but we know how to provide for those needs.

A successful B2B commerce results in an efficiency boost, increased sales figures and revenue growth. On the other hand, these should be the inevitable outcomes of a good project implementation. The fusion of these two aspects makes the definition complete.

Experience is crucial

Implementing ecommerce solutions requires solid technological knowledge and experience. We’ve accumulated ours mainly by operating on the European markets. Our collaboration with e-sphere has produced many successful platform developments. We have worked on both “greenfield” and rescue projects.
Whatever the stage of implementation, we can handle it.

At the end of the day, it’s the actual technical competencies that count, and this is where the real craftsmanship comes to light. Welcome to our world.

You commerce - we code.

by technology

We have chosen to specialise in two of the technological solutions available.

Hybris is great for B2B ecommerce.
That’s what The Forrester Wave recognises in their report and what we can confirm from our experience. 

The Hybris platform uses accelerators with the world’s best in-built technology and business practices. Thanks to the fact Hybris is java -based, it allows for almost uninhibited customisation. It also integrates seamlessly, especially if your business already uses products from SAP’s portfolio.  This is the proven choice for enterprise organisations with demanding systems and the definitive benchmark in terms of versatility and future-proofing your organisation.

Nemesis is our complementary tool. Thanks to its Hybris-like boldness, it can be leveraged to tackle similarly complex B2B projects. Nemesis was created with intent to disrupt and to bridge the gap between simpler open-source platforms and proprietary code behemoths, like Hybris. Built following the thought-leadership and best practices set by the likes of SAP Hybris and Magento, Nemesis emerged as the underdog taking the fight to the giants.

Due to its lightness – faster implementation times and boosted business-dedicated accelerators result in quicker market entries. Additionally, our partnership with Nemesis grants you extensive technical support. 

Good teams deliver
good results

Technology is what inspires us. We are focused, dedicated, and follow agile methodologies. Our teams are stable – members have known each other for years. We’ve grown and developed together with SAP Hybris and Nemesis always being our solutions of choice. Difficult to master, but once perfected, they have allowed us to constantly deliver on clients goals and surpass their expectations.

This experience translates into exceptional quality of work. When wanting to create something bigger and better, it is the ability to work together that counts the most. In a world of remote outsourced teams, this is a game changer. And it’s how we designed our own business, to help yours.

We call it our superpower.


Hybris Hybris Hybris Hybris Hybris Hybris Hybris
  1. Business requirements analysis
  2. Architecture planning
  3. Front-end concept design
  4. Technology development & implementation
  5. System integration
  6. Optimisation
  7. Final production implementation

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Adam Kaczmarz

Hybris Solution Architect

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