Despite our differences, we all agree as regards one matter at Antologic: traveling is one of our favourite activities and a great passion. Sometimes, however, we dream of a total change in the environment.

Getting to know a foreign culture to a bigger extent than just during holidays, making new friends, experience something that will soon become history, seeing how you handle new conditions and leave the comfort zone. At the same time, we like our work and we do not want to give up Antologic’s home and business atmosphere.

Combining work with traveling – Digital Nomads – is a phenomenon popular mainly among freelancers, a profession based on working with a computer. In the digital world only WiFi can be a limit, and there are many advantages of leaving the beaten path. International experiences can open the mind to new ways of thinking. According to Adam Galinsky, professor at Columbia Business School: those who lived outside of their country are more creative. Psychologists and cognitivists confirm that changing the environment is one of the better things we can do for our brain.

„Foreign experiences increase cognitive flexibility as well as the depth and relationality of the thought process, and the ability to create lasting connections between different forms.”
– proves Galinsky.

Cognitive flexibility is a brain function responsible for smooth movement between different ideas, a key component of creativity. However, the very beginning of creating new neural pathways is not just traveling. A tourist who does not engage in a new community, does not immerse in culture and does not adapt to new conditions, will achieve much less stimulation of creativity. And a group of developers staying in Malaga for a month?

If we could take care of the development of our employees, stimulate their creativity and, above all, provide them with constant access to the beach and the sun in the grey of February – we had no doubts. At the company, we try to support stronger bonds and corporate integration, so we decided to try the workation mode. We were a little worried about the continuity of projects and cooperation with the rest of the company and Swiss Partners. The choice of destination focused on a country in our time zone. When on the first of February Jakub, Piotr, Maciej, Arek and Krzysztof flew to Spain, we were full of fears which turned out to be completely groundless. Soon, we got a photo of their first dinner, which they sent through Slack: mussels in wine, instead of pizza or Chinese takeaway noodles. From that moment on, we knew that it would be better than good.

Workation Malaga – part: 1
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