In our last post, you will have read about our month-long Workation in Malaga. So, how did it go? Well, according to our Scrum masters, it's as if they never left the office!

Being away seemed to motivate our developers – get the work done well so they could explore their new surroundings.

We found the distance made our communication even better.

Because they were out of the office, our Workation team made sure they spoke frequently to those left in our HQ. Work quality and delivery were on time and met our expectations.

With satisfied employees, customers, and Scrum masters, everyone at Antologic couldn’t be happier.


Here’s what our Workation team had to say about their experience:

I love how remote work motivates me, especially trying to complete my work so I can go and explore my surroundings. The sun coming through the windows and high temperature were too hot for exploring, but just the right conditions to get work done. The fact we lived together meant we saved a lot of time – no commuting for a whole month! At the weekends we visited beautiful places like Seville and Gibraltar. Before leaving, I was learning Spanish intensively. Now I can use  my new skills in everyday situations. People are exceptionally open in Malaga, and conversations are (despite the language barriers!) very natural and pleasant.

Travelling around the world is my passion. A trip with my co-workers helped me break the everyday monotony. I appreciated the integration the most: joint dinners with fresh seafood, visiting beautiful places, parties and meeting new people. As technical support at Antologic, I was afraid that remote work would impede me in my duties. But, thanks to modern technology I was able to do my job, and keep everyone in the company online and productive.

Workation in Malaga made me realise a very important thing – I can work from anywhere! I found that I’m not bound to a desk. Indeed, we expect a high standard of work at Antologic, but who knew we could do it from a sofa in Malaga? A programmer sitting in his cave is a myth, or at least it was for us. We finished work and got to know the real Malaga. Clear skies, beaches, and amazing architecture. What a change from a wintery Wroclaw! After work, instead of the long trudge home after work, we enjoyed Spanish wine, sangria and delicious seafood and paella. The perfect way to find work-life balance.

Sun, new culture, friends from work 24/7. It surprised me that you can live with colleagues without any problems. Despite the excitement of a new place, I was still able to deliver sprints as planned. Interestingly, because we had no senior supervision in Malaga, I was able to develop a high level of self-reliance and motivation. At Antologic, I am responsible for the frontend of applications. In Malaga, I could do the job I love, whilst simultaneously enjoying delicious seafood and fantastic surroundings.

I love Malaga. I loved the way we started the day together. All five of us would sit down at the table to share breakfast. So much gets done whilst we cut the baguettes, cheese, meats, maturing sausages, olives, pickles and tomatoes. The food had such a distinct taste that I can still remember it. Work during the day is not different from what I do in Wroclaw. The only difference was the Malagan sun was calling on me to get my work done so I could relish in the warmth.



Work aside, our travelling co-workers couldn’t stop talking about the breath-taking architecture and spectacular landscapes. In Seville, they admired the unusual, geometric decorations and paradise gardens of the Alcazaba castle. Its splendour consists of centuries of expansion by Arab and Spanish kings. When they visited Gibraltar, they were enchanted by the coast of Africa on the other side of the strait, dividing the two continents.

Before going to Malaga together, our co-workers knew each other, but now they are almost inseparable. We were slightly worried that there might be a few misunderstandings between them. Fortunately, it turned out that it was the perfect integration trip. It is difficult to disagree with someone when the sun is shining at 7 p.m. and you have tasty goodies everywhere you go.

So the result? We’d say pretty good!

Stay tuned for our next Workation adventure. Where will we go?

Workation Malaga – part: 2

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