Time for a summary of workation in Malaga! From the perspective of Scrum masters of Antologic, during the month-long stay, the effectiveness of developers in the projects was very stable.

Both the timeliness and quality of work on the projects did not differ from the office. Customers are satisfied, the projects are moving forward, and we are curious about the details. Our developers are talking about Malaga, shared accommodation, motivation for work and travels.

In remote work I like the motivation the most, which grows as the plans for the afternoon are developing. The sun coming through the windows and high temperature, contrary to appearances, are advantageous to programming. I also appreciate that you do not have to spend time on commuting – we all work in an apartment rented through Airbnb, and on weekends we visit beautiful places like Seville or Gibraltar. Before leaving, I was learning Spanish intensively, which I now use in everyday situations. People are exceptionally open and conversations are conducted (despite a foreign language!) very naturally and pleasantly.

Traveling around the world is my passion. A trip with my co-workers helped me break up with everyday monotony. I appreciate integration the most: joint dinners with fresh seafood, visiting beautiful places, parties and meeting new people. As an administrator at the company, I was afraid that remote work would impede me in my duties, but thanks to modern technology I do not notice the difference.

The trip to Malaga to work there made me realise a very important thing – there are so many nice places to program. A work desk is definitely not even among the top. Indeed, jobs at Antologic are of a high standard, but do they win with a sofa in Malaga? The programmer sitting in his cave is a myth or at least I leave my work and get to know Malaga in constant motion. Enjoying the clear sky, architecture and proximity to the sea (with emphasis on the beach). This is a good springboard from Wroclaw and smog. And for work and training fatigue, Spanish wine or sangria in combination with seafood or paella help perfectly.

Sun, new culture, friends from work 24/7. It surprised me that you can live together with colleagues without (even small) crises. Despite the parties, I am able to deliver sprints as planned, and due to lack of senior supervision, I was able to develop a high level of self-reliance and motivation. At the company, I am responsible for the frontend of applications, here, I can additionally enjoy delicious seafood and travel.

I love Malaga. I love it for breakfast, which we all eat together. All five of us sit down at the table, cut the baguettes, cheese, meats, maturing sausages, olives, pickles and tomatoes. Everything has a more distinct taste than in our country. Work during the day is not different from the one I do in Wroclaw, with the difference that here the sun and temperature calls me to finish and leave as soon as possible.

When writing about Malaga and Andalusia, it’s good to mention the breath-taking architecture and spectacular landscapes that are visible in front of our eyes when we get a little higher up in the mountains. In Seville, we admired the unusual, geometric decorations and paradise gardens of the Alcazar castle. Its splendour consists of centuries of expansion by Muslim and Spanish kings. When we visited Gibraltar, we were enchanted by the coast of Africa on the other side of the strait dividing the two continents.

Before we went to Malaga together, we all knew each other, but only now can we say that we are close to each other. I was afraid that there might be misunderstandings between us. Fortunately, it turned out that we had a great time together. It is difficult to be unkind to someone when the sun is shining at 7 p.m. and you eat all these delicious things – you just can’t have bad mood.

Workation Malaga – part: 2