In our last article, we discussed how to network, and what benefits it could bring. Now it's time to shine a spotlight on our local network.

What benefits can local networking bring to you?

As mentioned in our earlier post, there are plenty of benefits to networking. Some of the points mentioned, such as troubleshooting and staffing needs, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s break it down, and also look at our own local network, ITCorner, which was established in 2012. This cluster was created for SMEs, in the IT sector, to create an effective forum for an exchange of ideas to ultimately allow its members to implement innovative and successful IT projects.

The Wrocław IT Sector

The Wrocław IT sector is no new thing. Back in 1963, a local electronics manufacturer, ELWRO, launched the first Polish Odra computer. Until the 1990s, Wrocław was the only city in Poland that produced computers on mass. Fast forward to 2000, when Siemens created a Software Development Centre in the city. That was just the start. Since then, year after year, the city has established itself as an IT hub – the place for local and international IT companies alike.

And now?

Wrocław is now home to over 110 IT/R&D Centres, with over 36,000 people employed in the sector.

ITCorner: Why?

As an SME software house, it was only natural Antologic would join the network. But why? Surely talking to the competitors on a regular basis would make acquiring business harder?

Far from it. With a network of likeminded professionals, with a wealth of varied IT business-related knowledge behind us all, it has proven to be an invaluable resource. From training courses, to informal get togethers, and even sailing trips with workshops, it’s been a place to exchange ideas and seek advice from our peers.

Let’s quickly summarise just a few of the things ITCorner has helped us, and our network, with over the years:

1. Finding office space – the city is bursting with so many companies, that it’s hard to get enough space to hold us all. With a good network around us, there’s always someone who knows of a place which meets the needs of our IT friends.

2. Finding staff – With a sound knowledge of the professionals that inhabit the city, we’re never short of quality candidates. Don’t want to hire someone? That’s ok! We’re happy to share our resources with each other. Over the years, we at Antologic have collaborated with many of our ITCorner peers, helping to bring success to the multitude of projects that we’ve all been part of.

3. Global Opportunities – Over 60% of Wrocław’s large companies have global offices and, as a result, creates a gateway for international clients. Our own clients, at Antologic, are mostly from the US, and the west of Europe, especially the DACH region. ITCorner has given us further opportunities, such as organising events like Wrocław wITh Berlin.

4. Workshops – With so many professionals, and over 60 companies in the network, we have a wealth of experience to share, and to learn from. From workshops, to talks, we are all involved in helping each other out.

5. Helping Clients – Just because a company is in the ITSector, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily able to provide you with the technological solution you need. When clients approach us, if we’re not able to help them, we can recommend one of the companies in our network – and not without reason. These are companies we know intrinsically well, so our recommendations are always based on a good experience. We know their working practices and can commend them, just as they can for us.

6. Understanding – Our peers understand our socio-economic climate. In our local network, all the hurdles we have to jump over are the same for all of us. By networking with those who understand our surroundings, we can get good advice and troubleshoot together. Our network gets what it’s like to hire and grow in our city, in our sector.

Of course, this is just a sample of why we enjoy networking with our ITCorner friends.

The Net Worth of Local Networking

So what is the value of our local network? From finding and sharing leads, resources, and knowledge, the value is hard to quantify. For us, it’s brought us stability in a world of uncertainty. We know that our network has our back, and we have theirs. No matter what we do, we’re better together and stronger as a group.

But is it just a local thing?

In our next blog post, we’ll be addressing the national networking advantages.

For now, though, we’re proud to say that we’re members of ITCorner.

You can read the full report on the Wrocław IT Sector here.

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