Is Nemesis a good match for my business needs?

With so many different e-commerce engines available on the market it is quite easy to get confused. This article is meant to show business cases that could be addressed by utilising Nemesis platform in your e-commerce. Let’s get started!


First of all, Nemesis is dedicated for medium-to-large organisations and it covers both B2B and B2C models. As a platform, Nemesis has a set of built-in features that could address the vast majority of your business needs. That could be a great starting point for your organisation to enter the world of e-commerce. The architecture is extremely extendable. With more than 120 well-tested modules, you can achieve many functionalities without significant development efforts. This covers, for example:

    • geolocation,
    • caching,
    • blog/comments,
    • LDAP integration
    • and many more…


The Nemesis platform covers many features required in B2B models, including advanced account management to reflect the organizational structure of your client:

    • bulk ordering
    • Integrations with different systems (e.g., ERP, PIM)
    • mobile optimised experience


Considering B2C, Nemesis offers (i.a) the following features  

    • CMS
    • Multi-store and Multi-Language/Currency Product Catalog
    • Merchandising: cross-selling, up-sell, recently viewed
    • Pricing (incl. personalised & discounts)
    • Promotions
    • Cart & Checkout
    • Order Management
    • Payment Processing, Wishlist, E-mail

What’s next?

As a matter of fact, due to a large number of built-in features, it is a relatively easy task to build a new e-commerce platform from scratch and keep the costs to a low level. Thanks to the well-designed architecture, as your business grows you will always be able to extend the platform or a given module to suit your specific needs. Isn’t it a huge step forward towards the Digital Transformation or a platform migration?

What are the example branches where the Nemesis platform can be utilised?

Nemesis by its nature is not limited to a specific branch or branches, however it’s a definitive match for:

    • retail
    • manufacturing
    • telecom
    • insurance
    • banking
    • media
    • logistics
    • travel
    • healthcare
    • public sector


To summarize, whenever your business is either medium or large, either B2B or B2C Nemesis platform would be a good match. What is more, thanks to the features available out of the box you would not need to spend a fortune on implementing everything from scratch. On the other hand, you will not be limited in any way – the platform is extendable and ready for new challenges that your business will bring as it grows.

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