The value of networks is a hard one to quantify. But, with our new partners, QuantUp, it's easy to see the worth.

It started with a message. Back in April, this note appeared on the ITCorner Slack channel:

We’re opening a subsidiary in Malaysia for trade throughout Southeast Asia. It will be spearheaded by our local partner, a regional expert in the ICT industry. Are you interested in selling your products or services in the Southeast Asian market? If you want to cooperate with us, get in touch.



We’ve considered entering the ASEAN market before, so this message really appealed to us. Especially as it came through ITCorner. A network which has provided us with many great opportunities and contacts.

Our CEO, Bartosz Forysiak, decided to get in touch and continue the conversation.

It’s stated in the Google and Temasek e-Conomy 2018 report that ASEAN e-commerce is on the up. We have SAP Hybris, AEM, Nemesis, and J2EE technologies on offer. With Antologic’s expertise in coding commerce, it seems we are a perfect fit for the market. Especially with the support of QuantUp.

Our decision was perfectly timed with the launch of QuantUp in Asia.

We met Thiagaraj Tinakar and Tamilchelvan Malliah. Our QuantUp sales representatives of Antologic products and services in the ASEAN region. They visited us at Antologic’s home and met our family of developers.

We showed them our portfolio of work, and the software solutions we deploy. How we code commerce was visible. We use great technologies, and expert developers. And we were excited that our Antologic family was about to grow. Our ASEAN team has now returned to Malaysia to represent Antologic.

It started with a message. It continues with cooperation.

With the support of QuantUp, Antologic is now in the ASEAN region. Coding commerce_


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