In our last two articles, we discussed how to network, and what benefits networking locally can bring. Now it's time to shine a spotlight on our national network.

What benefits can national networking bring to you?

In our first post of three, we discussed the general benefits of networking. In our last article, we described why joining a local network is beneficial. This time, we’ll be looking at national networks, and the ways they can help you and your company survive and thrive.

Let’s focus on our own national network, SoDA – Software Development Association Poland, which was established in 2018 to help integrate and support the Polish IT market. Here we’ll discussed why we decided it was a good idea to join.

The Polish IT Sector

The IT/ICT sector is key to Polish economic development. According to a report from The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), Polish IT/ICT is responsible for creating 8% of the country’s GDP. It employs 430 thousand people nationally. In 2018, the Polish IT/ICT market grew by 7.2%, which generated 16 billion Euros in revenue.

So, we know why the Polish IT Sector is one worth investing in, but as we’re a software house, what benefits can such a national network bring to us?

SoDA: Why?

SoDA was established in 2018 with a mission to help support the Polish IT/ICT sector. Let’s look at what this network offers for its members.


1. Webinars

We’ve already spoken about how our peers can help us learn and grow. Workshops and training sessions aside, there’s still more to learn, especially when surrounded by a national group of industry experts. In this network, we can provide, watch, or participate in webinars where we discuss topics relatable to our industry. The beauty is that the live webinars are open to all, and the recordings available at any time for members of this network. SoDA promotes education and makes it inclusive, rather than exclusive.

2. Legal Advice

Business can be tricky. Our national network understands that. By sharing legal knowledge, from contracts of employment to international contracts of services, we know that we are doing things right. It’s useful knowing that there is someone on hand to help answer some of the more pressing questions we come across. Legal advice from trusted networks can bring about security and peace of mind.


3. Conferences

It’s costly showcasing a company at a conference. We all know that. But when you’re in a group of many, the costs are lower, and the support is greater. No longer are we lost in a sea of companies, fighting to be seen or heard. Our national network creates a place for us to gain business, and also network with our peers and potential clients. We’re stronger together.

4. Diversity Awareness

The world is changing. People are moving. With change, comes new challenges. How can we address these changes, whilst staying true to our national roots?

From gender rights, and international workforces, to fair working environments for those with disabilities, it’s important to keep an open mind. National networks are diverse. Companies from small towns all the way to the capital city, have different experiences to share. Well, discussing these, and bringing light to changes, we can all develop ourselves so we’re inclusive and aware. Diversity is beautiful. All genders, races, nationalities, religions, and abilities, can teach us something new – as individuals, and as a collective. Networking with all these groups can help us broaden our experience and open our minds. Ultimately, this leads to more opportunities in the future.

5. International Sales

When we look at our national network,, the knowledge of international markets is vast. Poland has a great reputation for providing IT and ICT services to the international forum. Year on year, there’s a growth of services, with the UK, the US, and DACH regions being the top 4 regions to rely heavily on IT/ICT service providors from Poland.

With a national network that understands international acquisition of contracts, it’s great to have support and exposure to such opportunities.

The Net Worth of National Networking

So what is the net worth of national networking?

It’s about playing to our strengths, and sharing our skills, so we can succeed. The added value of networking is more than just breakfast meetings and social engagements. It’s about widening our understanding of the world we live in.

If ever you find a networking opportunity, just consider this: what strength can you offer, and what help do you need? Every network can bring you something, if you open yourself up to opportunities.

The net worth of networking, generally, locally, and nationally has so many benefits that a few blog posts will never cover them all. Go out, experience them yourself, and feel free to get in touch if you ever want to network with us.

And on that note, we’ll wrap up with saying that we’re Antologic. Proud members of SoDA – Software Development Association Poland.

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