Apart from the already described areas like eCommerce and Content, there are plenty more digital solutions that must (or definitely should) exist in the world of airlines.

Custom solutions

Usually, those are tightly coupled with the organisation structure, its standards and processes. Therefore it may appear impossible to apply the out-of-the-box solutions to the very specific needs of your business.

Reservation system

A reservation system, aligned with the other elements of the digital airline ecosystem, is obviously a must-have. The intention of digital evolution in that manner would be to introduce mechanisms like:

  • Car rentals
  • Hotel reservations
  • Travel insurance
  • Bundled products (travel + hotel + insurance)

Such features give end-users the feeling they have received a complete and competent offer.

Frequent flyer

Loyalty programs are key to growing and sustaining market shares for businesses. The reason being, acquiring customers is much more expensive than retaining them. Loyalty programs help to keep a close relationship with customers, track additional data and, finally, propose special offers based on customer preferences. As part of digital evolution, our proposal is to implement a solution that will bring this business opportunity to the table.

Back office

In organisations like Airlines, usually, there are many business processes and workflows that require automation. Depending on the requirements and scope, we can offer solutions tailored to Airlines’ back-office needs, for example, Document Management System (DMS), Issue Management, Workflows, Call Center solution.

Mobile App

A mobile app that is consistent with the look and feel, with features that are also available on the desktop version, is extremely important due to the vast majority of end-users preferring mobile over desktop. With Adobe Experience Manager responsible for retaining content, we will build a solution where the experience is consistent across all channels.


Although this set (eCommerce in Airlines, Content in Airlines) of articles discusses many different technical aspects that are a part of the digital evolution process, it is not necessary to change or implement everything at once. It is not a single project, but more a whole programme of work that has to be planned properly to ensure all dependencies are met and, importantly, providing a user experience that constantly improves. Well planned it can be transparent to the company and passengers. We have already helped other companies to walk through this path.

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