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Industry: Insurance

Scope of work: custom_Java

Managing the
insurance business

SUPRA is a leading Polish insurance broker. It offers insurance services, both for private companies, and for public administration.

Because of the scale of their business, they had already taken the first steps on the journey of digital transformation. The company’s internal business processes were supported by various IT systems, both custom made, and commercial. However, the majority of them was not compatible with each other.

What is more, despite the apparent digitalisation of the company, many things were still completed manually. This was due to the fact that the procedures developed by SUPRA were unique and the combination of unlinked systems could not entirely embrace them. What they really needed was one dedicated, cohesive system that would reflect those procedures. We took on the challenge to build a new solution.


One cohesive

SUPRA, as a whole, was an altogether complex organisation. They maintained a certain standard and quality of procedures that determined the company’s operational activity.

The digitalisation of separate processes was not a problem. The challenge was to design a system that would merge them all and give the client a comprehensive view and control over the company’s processes.


Firstly, there was the area of the sales department: the simple CRM could not keep up with the diverse issues to be taken into consideration. We designed a module that not only covered the whole sales cycle of keeping track of contacts and dealing with the sales funnel, but also supported the arrangements of meetings by synchronisation of an in-the-field workforce calendar.

What is more, it enabled the keeping track of business trips that involved kilometrage, travel allowances, expenses and finally sales commissions.


The digitalisation of separate processes was not a problem. The challenge was to design a system that would merge them all and provide control over the company’s processes.

Kamil Paśko - Java Architect

Scattered information
assembled in one place

An important issue was the internal management of all the information about particular insurance policies. SUPRA was offering services from various insurance providers and all the policy details needed to be centralised and easily accessible to different company departments. Using that data on various levels of the organisation, numerous actions had to be taken. For example, the calculation of sales commission for insurance brokers or the management of information crucial to clients concerning payments and policy extensions.

Apart from the system functionalities for SUPRA’s employees, we also developed an interface for their clients. It was a special application dedicated to monitoring damages and any hospital incidents that might occur. Thanks to the gathered information, it was easier to define the best terms of new insurance policies for those institutional clients.

Another challenge was in the area of users’ access to certain documents and data.

Designing the whole logic of access dependencies was far more complex than it might seem. The hierarchy that was created had to consider not only job positions and titles, but also the other roles and functions of all users in the organisation.

The ultimate cherry on the top of the complex and extensive project was the migration of all the data from SUPRA’s former systems. It was not easy, but knowing that we had developed a cohesive solution it was a delight to finally transfer all the data into one place for them. Apart from the significant challenge of data migration, we also implemented the solution, supported the client in the first steps after the implementation and provided the necessary training for the users of the system.

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