A gamification system to handle events

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Engaging people is a challenging activity in “normal” circumstances

Given the current situation, it became clear that we are not talking about challenges anymore. We’re talking about doing almost impossible.

Together with a company that is involved in b2b events, we created an application that uses gamification to build teams and strengthen the ties between the organization and its employees.

During an event (that can literally be everything – a party, conference or cycling) uses our application and gather points. How does that work in detail?

Event App to engage your employees

The result

The system consists of two parts: a web application dedicated to management and the back office and a mobile application for the end-users.

The mobile app

Users can collaborate and discuss the progress (or strategy) on the chat.

Events have agenda’s (with images, descriptions and push notifications) for each day so users can check what’s next and what’s just finished.

The last element is actually my favourite one: the surveys. Again, unlimited possibilities: tests, feedback forms, etc. With a possibility to assign points to each answer.

Obviously, during the whole event (or I should rather say – a game), you see your progress, the progress of your team and also how other people and teams are positioned.

The mobile application was built in Flutter, the backend was built in Java both by the team of 4 people in 3 months.



The back office

Within the back office application, people responsible for managing events (e.g., HR) can create multiple branded events and define some checkpoints where users can scan QR codes and gather some points for achievements. Each QR code can have different logic assigned: one-timer, multiple-use, etc. That actually creates indefinite possibilities to implement any real-life scenarios.

We tested it!

The example scenario

We decided to use our system in a real-life scenario, during our annual Antologic’s bicycle ride. Everyone who decided to take part in the event scanned the very first QR code (worth 5 points), then during the ride, the fastest person (= the one that first scanned the second QR code) got 10 points, 2nd and 3rd person got 7 and 5 points respectively.


Later on, during the after-party, we took part in the pub quiz activity, where everyone was answering questions related to the history of our company (again, gaining points for correct answers).

Unfortunately, not everyone could attend in person, but we opened a possibility to take part in the quiz for everyone (even for remote people).

At the end of the event, we rewarded the best players.

We still have some ideas on our Product’s roadmap and we are validating the app in real-life cases.

We still have some ideas on our Product’s roadmap and we are validating the app in real-life cases.

Bartosz Forysiak, CEO

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