B2B webshop for electro branch

Industry: Electric Installations

Scope of work: commerce_Hybris

The story behind
the tech solution

A leading Swiss wholesale distributor
of goods and services for electrical installations decided to build their B2B ecommerce based on SAP Hybris.

Our developers joined the project to stabilise the platform and implemented crucial B2B features. Since then, the continuous development and evolution of the shop has been in our hands. 

We have also supported production handling and migrations to new versions of Hybris.

Using a stable platform, and constantly extending it with new features, the company not only maintains its position as a leader in the electrical components sector in Switzerland, but also sets new trends in the market.


What was
the challange?

To optimise the search, merge isolated product databases and provide consistent data for all sales channels.

It might sound obvious, but when you have 250 000 products in several variants the ease of finding the right one is fundamental.
How did we solve these issues?

By introducing complex filters that let customers search by technical specifications and product features.
Additionally, larger clients gained the functionality of their own dedicated catalogues that are based on order history and advanced filtering capabilities (e.g. the assignment of their own product identifiers).

What is more, we developed a very intuitive “electro-house panel” where even an inexperienced user can easily navigate to find products related to a specific electrical functionality of a modern house.

Total outcome:
boost to CX and more efficient ordering process.

Further issues were the integrations.
Among others, we introduced the following:

back-end integration between the warehouses and branches

the ability to integrate the online shop
into customers’ IT systems

Bespoke feature

Apart from handling standard implementation challenges we have developed a unique feature – an advanced product configurator for customers.

It is a tool that makes the assembly of hundreds of available sockets and electricity switches not only easier, but ensures that your configuration is cohesive, safe and that all the chosen components are compatible with each other.

It might not look very revelatory, but the visual tool represented by a simple frame covers a complex mechanism that ensures that the final set is built according to the electrical specifications and is available to order.

Our Hybris and Java/Javascript expertise allowed us to meet all the performance and UX expectations of our B2B customer and deliver perfect solution very well received by end users.

Adam Kaczmarz Hybris Solution Architect @Antologic

Key figures
of the project

The project has been carried out in tandem with our Swiss partner, whose on-site presence not only accelerates communication with the client, but builds on mutual trust.

The benefit of them having such project roles
as Product Owner, Analyst, and Account Manager, located closer to the client’s headquarters translates into a better understanding of the business requirements and an effective technological
response to it.

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