AEM: Coding Complexities

Industry: Telecom Retail

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AEM for a Swiss
Telecom Retailer

We are no longer solely in the age of digital transformation, but also one of digital evolution.

Rather than starting from scratch, many companies seek to expand their digital presence, whilst retaining past content and context. It is not unusual for collaborative partners to join projects that have well established base code, which they need to integrate into the technological solution for the next stage of digital presence for the client.

When working in a collaborative environment, it’s sadly not unheard of for communication to effect producing a platform that meets the scope of the project your team has been assigned.

How can technology be used to help streamline the process, and produce quality results for the clients? Here we will address some complexities we came across, and how Adobe Experience Manager was used as the solution

AEM: Coding Complexities


We’ve all been there, joining a project and working with multiple teams to help meet the digital evolutionary needs of a given client.


In this case, our specialised Adobe Experience Manager team was approached to help in the production of a content management system for a Swiss Telecom Retailer company. The scope of the project required both back and front-end development from Antologic. The entire development team, however, was composed of multiple AEM teams, across many different locations.

With the project manager being in Switzerland, and the AEM teams working from a variety of other locations, unfortunately the individual elements required by each sub team were not clearly explained. The result? The wrong repositories were used for the implementation.

Coding Communication

Coding and communicating the requirements of the project are key in successful platform implementation. The first few sprints of coding the Telecom Retailer’s AEM platform, and the delayed feedback from the client, allowed the development of a few in-house processes to help us effectively communicate with our partners and our clients, in an agile and efficient manner.

However, communication is one thing, but what about the inheritance of code that quite work with the new technology? Digital evolution means a lot of content retention and integration. What problems arise when coming face to face with these coding complexities?

"Working with a widespread team, and joining an ongoing project, it's important to ask a lot of questions to avoid misunderstandings. By doing so, it’s helped us streamline our processes to bring a much more effective solution to the client” - Paweł Janikowski


Adobe Experience Manager has nearly every required function, built in. The question, though, is whether or not the developers using the platform understand how to access all the capabilities to their fullest.

At first, the other sub teams, and the client, understood that personalised email pre-headers would not be possible. Our developers, knowing that AEM’s widespread functionalities were capable of the task, explored the options. Through testing, and using this case as an opportunity to develop, the Antologic AEM team, adapted the Swiss Telecom client’s CMS to include a personalisation feature of email pre-headers, through integrating a custom made solution to meet the client’s needs.

The coordination and communication issues, addressed above, helped the team to develop a method of creating demos to allow quick identification of needs and outcomes, and to consider any potential questions that may arise. In addition, the ability to identify inherited coding issues, and run demos to help determine what the next step should be, helped Antologic to code the content, as desired by the client. With an agile approach, and the right open approach to the right technology, coding complexities are a challenge to learn from.

Antologic. Coding content_

By collaborating well, and thinking out of the box, we were able solve a problem that met the needs of our client, and helped our collaborating partners in producing a top level AEM platform.

By collaborating well, and thinking out of the box, we were able solve a problem that met the needs of our client, and helped our collaborating partners in producing a top level AEM platform.

Bartosz Forysiak CEO of Antologic

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